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Luneta Discovery Range 70
Luneta Discovery Range 70

419,00 zł

Cena regularna: 469,00 zł

Najniższa cena: 419,00 zł
Lornetka Bresser Pirsch 8x42
Lornetka Bresser Pirsch 8x42

1 299,00 zł

Cena regularna: 1 399,00 zł

Najniższa cena: 1 299,00 zł
Luneta cyfrowa Levenhuk Blaze D500
Luneta cyfrowa Levenhuk Blaze D500

929,00 zł

Cena regularna: 989,00 zł

Najniższa cena: 989,00 zł
Teleskop Discovery Sky T50 z książką
Teleskop Discovery Sky T50 z książką

239,00 zł

Cena regularna: 299,00 zł

Najniższa cena: 239,00 zł
Cyfrowa lornetka noktowizyjna Bresser 3x20
Cyfrowa lornetka noktowizyjna Bresser 3x20

799,00 zł

Cena regularna: 899,00 zł

Najniższa cena: 899,00 zł
Lornetka astronomiczna Omegon Zoomstar 15-45x80
Lornetka astronomiczna Omegon Zoomstar 15-45x80

1 289,00 zł

Cena regularna: 1 379,00 zł

Najniższa cena: 1 289,00 zł
Lornetka Omegon Argus 25x100
Lornetka Omegon Argus 25x100

3 999,00 zł

Cena regularna: 4 790,00 zł

Najniższa cena: 4 790,00 zł
Mikroskop stereoskopowy Bresser Biorit ICD CS LED 10x-20x
Mikroskop stereoskopowy Bresser Biorit ICD CS LED 10x-20x

1 679,00 zł

Cena regularna: 1 859,00 zł

Najniższa cena: 1 679,00 zł

Okular Explore Scientific LER 52° 25 mm 1,25" (AR)

Dostępność: brak towaru
Cena: 380,00 zł 380.00
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Okular Explore Scientific LER 52° 25 mm 1,25" (AR)
Ogniskowa: 25 mm. Pole widzenia: 52°

Solidly in the mid-magnification range for most amateur telescopes, the 25mm is a true workhorse for visual observers. If you love deep sky observing, eyepieces in this focal length range not only give healthy increases in magnification, but the contrast enhancement of giving a darker background sky can make all the difference of how galaxies and nebulae appear under suburban skies.

The Explore Scientific 52° LER mid-range focal length eyepiece is excellent flat-field multi-element ocular that can transform your visual astronomy experience. With an apparent field of view of 52 degrees, this eyepiece offer incredible value in a very nice eyepiece.

These eyepieces are the choice for observers wearing glasses – with excellent performance and durability. The rubber inlet and the foldable eyecups make handling and using in the field easy. The patented EMD-coating produces high contrast images and prevents reflexes and ghosting. The argon purging effectively prevents internal fogging, and you don´t have to deal with dirt, fungus or cleansing fluids getting between the lenses. The eyepieces are sealed – this makes sure you will be able to enjoy these eyepieces for many years to come.

Large eye distance, large field and great image sharpness
Excellent viewing position for people with glasses
Excellent field sharpness even with fast optics
52° apparent field of view
Argon-purging prevents internal fogging, the sealing facilitates cleaning
Patented EMD-coating to maximize contrast
Blackened lens edges to avoid reflexes
All eyepieces of this series are parfocal
Stainless steel barrel with conical security cutoff

The kit includes:
52° eyepiece
Dust covers
Protective bag

Type: parfocal
Optics material: optical glass
Optics coating: multicoated EMD (Enhanced Multilayer Deposition)
Optical design: 4 elements in 2 groups
Apparent field of view, °: 52
Focal length, mm: 25
Eyedistance, mm: 16.4
Field stop diameter, mm: 22.7
Barrel diameter, in: 1.25
Eyepiece barrel diameter, mm: 31.7
Waterproof: yes, sealing ring, additional argon purge
Additionally: rubber foldable eyecup, filter thread

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